3.5.03 “The online gallerie is really great ! Bravo ! We have forwarded the link to Séverine’s godfathers and godmothers, so that they can enjoy her artwork and discover the whole concept and your mission statement. Bravo encore.” —Philippe & Alexandra

12.16.02 “The website is fantastic! I just checked it out for the first time. I sent the URL to everyone I know. The kids’ work looks so great. Thanks!” —Rudie (Georgia’s Mom)

11.15.02 “Thanks so much for adding more of Cesca’s paintings to the cyber-gallerie, I’m so proud!” —David

6.4.02 “Thanks for creating and maintaining the gallerie. I’ve just visited again, and it always captivates me. Hannah gave me two of her paintings this morning. I taped them to my office wall, and I just saw an e-version of one in the gallerie as well. It gives me a charge to have the “original” in my possession. So thanks again! Regards!” —Paul

11.09.01 “I just looked at the website and I’m very impressed with it. I found it very easy to navigate through. I especially loved the Galerie, I didn’t think the colors would be that true to the original. It was also like a voyage in time for me since I hadn’t seen these paintings and drawings for a long time! I was especially happy to see Jules and Blue’s paintings again. Merci encore! A demain. —Catherine

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